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Private E-Mail, Domain and Virtual Business Hosting

Cayman Islands Private and enterprise e-Mail, domain and digital office space hosting for business, private client, corporate office. NYBERWAY Cayman Islands is power by 100% renewable energy. Energy-efficient and powered by eco-friendly energy for our data centers. Data protection, freedom of speech & privacy are the top priority when private client host their business with NYBERWAY.

Feature-rich & Complete

Domain - Your own personalized domain name Cayman Islands

Your own yourname@yourname .ky and youroffice@yourcompany .ky domain name along with your private account. An optional domain name is offer for free if you do not want any domain name.

e-Mail - privacy and secure way

Ultra high speed e-Mail access from anywhere. Read your email from personal computer, Mobile device and on Web Browser.

Intuitive File manager for cloud storage management

Cloud Storage and Backup with our intuitive File Manager. Manage document, photo and files on web browser or from your personal computer and mobile device.

Enterprise-Grade Email Protection

Real-time virus and spam filtering to ensure you get the enterprise security & protection round the clock.

Encrypted Team Communication

Encrypted real-time messaging and communication for office, company and group .

Data Migration

Our in-house support team will help you & company to migrate your data to Nyberway, free of charge. Data migration will be handled by experienced support team to ensure 100% uptime and seamless integration.

100% renewable energy

Our datacenter are energy-efficient and powered by eco-friendly energy. Entire buildings and offices are run on renewable energy with ultra low emission.

Virtual Hosting, Website & Blog publisher

On demand request for custom hosting such as programming language, database and SFTP to manage website are available from the control panel. Essential tool to build & host simple website and blog.

Encrypted Connection

256bit secure encrypted connection when you access your email, documents and files from your personal computer and mobile device.


Tailored-made solution. Try it free of charge for 14 days.

Accounts start as low as $ 6 per user per month for Business Starter, $ 12 per user per month for Business Standard and $ 18 per user per month for Business Plus.

Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise

$ 6

/ user / month

$ 12

/ user / month

$ 18

/ user / month

Contact sales for pricing
Contact sales
  • Custom and secure business email

  • 30 GB cloud storage per user

  • Security and management controls

  • Standard support
  • Custom and secure business email

  • 2 TB cloud storage per user

  • Security and management controls

  • Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support)
  • Custom and secure business email, archive, retention

  • 5 TB cloud storage per user

  • Enhanced security and management controls, including data backup storage management

  • Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support)
  • Custom and secure business email, archive, S/MIME encryption

  • Custom Cloud storage per user

  • Advanced security, management and compliance controls, including data backup storage management

  • Enhanced support (paid upgrade to Premium Support)
* Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans. Price is bill in USD.

Productivity and collaboration

Enterprise Business email
Custom email domain for your business
Phishing and spam protection that blocks more than 99.9% of attacks
Ad-free email experience
Instant chat and messaging
Screen sharing
International phone call
Real-time whiteboard collaboration
Video and chat recordings
256bit Secure cloud storage 30 GB per user 2 TB per user 5 TB per user Custom
File Stream and sharing
Real-time Chat and messaging
Action log to keep track of history
Intra-group private invitation
Intuitive Calendar with shared feature
Video conferencing
Real-time Collaboration for team
Notetaking, todo and notes platform
Online Website and blog builder
Online Forms and survey builder
Intra office document and files sharing
Help center with self-service FAQ
Document and spreadsheet
Intra communication and engage functions
Intelligent document search

Service is compatible with:

Android, IOS,mac,linux, windows

Frequently Asked Question

Cloud hosting is the utilization of servers to provide a service in which allows individuals and/or organizations to place a business website, ecommerce store or personal website onto the internet. A web host provides a set number of resources on their server which allows other computers or devices to access your website by various different methods of telecommunication. By offering a fully managed platform, Nyberway takes hosting one step further across many different services. What does this mean for you? It means that Nyberway is a full partner in your cloud hosting experience and we will stand with you every step of the way.

Initial cloud hosting account is for hosting a single domain and additional domains can be added on request.

We will certainly provide our support to host your website. You can reach our support for any queries you have regarding your hosting and, we will guilde you.
Don't hesitate to contact our support in event where you encounter any issues with your hosting. We will assist you in any way we can to make sure you have a great hosting experience with us.

Upgrading your plan as your email and website grows is easy and free, scale up at any time from your client portal with a click of a button.

If you are moving from another email or hosting provider, our knowledgable support team will help to transfer your backups including your website, emails and data from your old provider and restore them on our servers at no charge.

Nyberway is the enterprise cloud provider, which means we are experts at managing the hosting service for your websites and offer our support for any issue you will ever have with your hosting account. Nyberway provides a website builder so that you ca create a website on your own, without any need for coding. Not only that, we provide optimized hosting, meaning you can easily install any software with a single click and create your own website using its themes and customizations.

The distinctly designed infrastructure enable us to ensure of a very high level of resources and services at astonishingly low prices in comparison to others in the industry.

Every hosting account comes with several features like SSL, bandwidth, SSD storage, emails, website builder, control panel and an efficient technical suuport team available round the clock for 365 days.

Yes, Nyberway's affordable hosting accounts are perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog, business, or any other simple website. Similarly, our advanced cloud hosting solutions like virtualservers and Dedicated servers will provide the additional resources which your website will require as it grows.

At Nyberway, security and privacy are the top priorities for us as a trusted web hosting provider for over 10,000 customers. Our servers are protected with the enterprise security software like virus, malware scanners, spam filtering along with standard firewalls. Our virus, malware scanning & detection tool gives real time protection to the servers. It adds an extra layer of security with our brute-force protection technology to shield your websites from security threats.

Nyberway has proved itself as an excellent provider for cloud and web hosting with an impeccable customer support record. In fact, we take pride in our support team as our clients have highly acclaimed our technical support with great reviews and rating on major critic sites and platforms. Whatever issues or queries you have with our hosting, we are always ready to answer and actively resolve them. You can chat with us anytime and we will always respond to you no matter what time it is or whatever it is that went wrong with our service. We are at your beck-and-call 24/7 for all the days of the year, even on holidays. Our support team is highly trained and gives you quick yet precise responses to your queries to help you resolve any issues with your hosting. You can even mail us at Additionally, you get access to our vast knowlegdebase, blogs and tutorials that will help you with the troubleshooting process.

We provide 99.995% uptime. Our goal is to keep our customer's email and website up and running as close as possible to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Few hosting providers may guarantee higher uptime, like 100%, 99.99% but then due to some routine maintenance, they may not be to keep up with their promise. The downtime that you experience isn't the fault of your hosting service provider. Necessary maintenance is required in the data center to ensure higher uptime.

Each Cloud hosting plan carries a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the refund time period specified for your plan, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount excluding setup fees and overages.