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Fully Managed Hosted Email Services for professionals, small business and enterprise! Focus on your business while NYBERWAY will help to keep your mail server online 24/7/365! email-hosting

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Managed Email Services is available exclusively to you and your business only. NYBERWAY's Hosted email solution is a great alternative to traditional email & microsoft exchange server in term of cost & features. Features include email, calendars, contacts, todo, tasks, notes & more! Hosted Email account can easily be upgraded, such as additional diskspace.

All hardware and software are fully managed by NYBERWAY(your email provider) and all server upgrades and patches are done at no additional charge! We take care of all the software update, will deliver your ready-to-go email solution and be here for you 24/7 with any help you may need.


General Account Features
HubMail-Mini HubMail-ONE HubMail-TWO HubMail-THREE
Use your domain name eg.
Premium Email Space
1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
File Storage Space
100 MB 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Your managed Private Dedicated Server

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Groupware & Mail Features
HubMail-Mini HubMail-ONE HubMail-TWO HubMail-THREE
Manage Multiple calendars
Manage contact & address book
Manage online notes
Manage Files




Manage todo & tasks
Support & Security Features
HubMail-Mini HubMail-ONE HubMail-TWO HubMail-THREE
Secure Access
Maintenance ensured by NYBERWAY (includes all updates and any upgrades needed)
No installation fee
Compatible with your NYBERWAY Website hosting service
100% Ad-Free and Privacy
Anti-virus included
Anti-spam included
24/7 Technical Support
Price per mailbox
HubMail-Mini HubMail-ONE HubMail-TWO HubMail-THREE
12 Month Price
$1.66 /mo. $2.91 /mo. $4.16 /mo. $6.66 /mo.
24 Month Price * VALUE! *
$1.62 /mo. $2.87 /mo. $4.12 /mo. $6.62 /mo.
Setup Fee
Instant Account Activation
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Here are a few of our happy customers have to say about NYBERWAY Email Solution:

NYBERWAY email solution
Over the years we've tried different email hosting solutions and NYBERWAY has been the best by far. Other providers may offer more space and features, however the support and hardware at NYBERWAY are unmatched to the competition out there.

~ Simon Dunne

NYBERWAY email solution has all you need!
NYBERWAY's corporate email solution offers all the features you need for the right price without compromising support!

~ David DeMings

Very affordable email solution with world class support The interface and quality are second to none in the industry. I've tried hosted exchange solutions with other providers. NYBERWAY surpassed all my expectations for hosting our corporate email and groupware.

~ Nitin Srivastava

Enterprise class mail service without the price tag.
I just wanted to give you and the entire NYBERWAY team a huge kudos. I've been a customer for many years, and just signed up for your corporate mail service. There is no other provider out there which can match the quality of service you'll receive at NYBERWAY.

~ Anthony Nieves

I am amazed by the easy of use and features included!
I'm a small business owner and NYBERWAY's corporate hosted email solution fit's our needs perfectly without pinching our budget. Quote me if you need a reference to attest to their services.

~ Artem Khojoyan

NYBERWAY's support team are fast and always helpful.
I've been with NYBERWAY for over 7 years now utilizing their web hosting service. They recently started offering hosted email solutions. I signed up and moved away from my last provider a hosted exchange solution provider. I've yet to regret my decision, their email service is world class stuff! Give them a try you won't regret it.

~ Stuart Wellington

Why Choose NYBERWAY?

At a time when it seems there's a web host on every corner and almost everyone you talk to has a horror story about their experience with this host or that host, you need to have confidence that you'll get what you pay for and that you'll be treated in a fair, honest, and ethical manner by the web host you choose. Naturally, you're looking for a host that combines all of the right features for the right price. You're looking for a host that respects you as a person, and will do everything possible to make you happy. There's a million hosts out there... why should you choose us?

Here are the key reasons for choosing NYBERWAY:


1. Why Are Your Prices So Competitive ?
We are part of one the worlds largest hosting infrastructure and support networks. Through this, we have buying power on levels of bandwidth and secured server space allowing us to provide more affordable hosting to the consumer, while not downgrading in service, features, support, performance and overall integrity.

2. Commitment
At, our staff are committed to excellence. We strive not only to exceed your expectations, but to help you exceed your customer's expectations. After all, if we don't excel, then how can your Web Site excel? We take pride in our work.

3. Support
Support is one of our highest priorities. Our knowledgeable staff are just an email away, and will happily answer any question you might have in a timely fashion, 7 days a week. What's more, existing customers get treated with as much urgency as prospective customers. Our company resources are focused on making sure your Website is running at peak performance. We use knowledge gained from direct customer contact before and after the sale to provide reliable customer service.

4. Latest Technology
At, we use the latest, most stable LINUX servers to handle everything from our Web Servers to our DNS servers.Our state-of-the-art operational hubs are equipped with systems to maximise reliability and security, and to ensure your website is always operational. Our hubs include fully redundant connections to the Internet backbone, multiple fiber optic lines to a redundant N+2 climate control system with a backup HVAC system on stand-by, multiple UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and backup servers.

5. Experience
Experience is the bottom line. At, our staff have years of combined experience in UNIX/Network administration, Commercial Internet and the World Wide Web. Every member of our staff is capable of operating all of our server equipment, from simple server administration to complex customer configurations. We put this experience to work for you.

6. Flexibility
As your site grows in size and complexity, has the resources to accommodate you.

7. Quality
When it comes to providing a quality environment for our customers to place their company information on the Web, we cut no corners. From our equipment, to our staff selection, to our customer support, right down to the smallest details, there is no compromise in quality.What's more, we use what we sell. Our Web Site, affiliate & parent company websites and core client websites all use these same servers.

8. Security servers are well-protected, both physically and digitally. Our advanced security measures help protect your Website and email accounts from unwanted disruptions and hacking. We strive to keep intruders out of our network; our switches are configured to prevent data snooping; and we monitor site security 24 hours a day. The data center is physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden. Access to the floor that the data center resides on is restricted to those holding military-grade passcards. Furthermore, access to the data center itself is restricted by Biometric hand scanners.

9. Price and Scalability offers a reliable and affordable Web presence solution on the Internet. offers flexible hosting options, so you pay for exactly what you need and no more. Our hosting options allow you to upgrade seamlessly from a shared to a dedicated server as your business grows and its needs change.

10. Guarantee of Satisfaction.
Our web hosting packages are provided on superior quality servers. In fact, we're so confident of the quality of our packages, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all hosting purchases! On top of this we guarantee 99.98% uptime, if your server goes down we'll be glad to credit you.

Features included with every plan

Fully Managed email solutions


100% Smart Phone Support: BlackBerry®, iPhone®, or Android® phone

Managed Migration from existing mail server such as microsoft exchange to your new mail server.

Secure Encryption: Latest SSL encryption techniques hide data during transmission so Internet crooks can't access your sensitive mail.

Featured-rich solution : email, calendars, contacts, todo, tasks, notes & more

24/7/365 Top notch support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System (E-mail)

Premium Spam & Virus Protection: All messages received from external mailboxes undergo three spam and virus scans.

24/7/365 server monitoring

Ad-Free and Privacy Guaranteed: Unlike hosted email services such as Google Gmail™, Microsoft Hotmail®, and Yahoo!® Email we don't read your email, and we never show you ads.

Daily Backups: Email data is saved nightly to top tier data centers. Restore from the past 14 days directly from the Control Panel at no additional cost.    
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Thanks you for your interest in NYBERWAY Corporate Email Hosting Solution. We have compile a list of FAQ which may get you started.

Is my data safe?
Yes. All our servers are PCI compliant and login to control panel are secure via SSL(https://).

Can i upgrade my plan later?
Yes. Simply open a ticket via our support helpdesk to request for an upgrade or to add more users.


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